At MACNAK Construction, we believe that through strategic planning, preparation and organization we can produce the highest quality construction product. MACNAK Construction has an unwavering attention to safety and risk mitigation, constant and continuous communication with all parties and coordination between the owner, prime contractor and all subcontractors. We tackle every project, small or large, with the same goal: to complete projects with the highest quality on time, while meeting or exceeding contract specifications. At MACNAK Construction, we constantly seek out paths to improve.

In a word, we seek “Perfection”.

We are a seasoned General Contractor with exceptional employees and a track record having completed 100% of our contracts. MACNAK Construction has executed over 400 Federal Contracts since 2007, in 16 states. Regardless of the size, complexity or location of your project you can rest assured with MACNAK Construction at the controls in the pilot’s seat.