Historical Restoration

MACNAK Construction understands, and is sensitive to, historical restoration and has significant project experience related to historical buildings. MACNAK Construction has executed multiple Restoration and Historic Restoration projects and we recognize the challenges – hazardous materials, unforeseen site conditions, matching brick work, custom architectural millwork, matching glazing systems, etc. MACNAK Construction team members strive to achieve a collaborative effort with historical building curators to insure the finished product is consistent with the design intent.

MACNAK Construction was recognized for our historical building rehabilitation from the Idaho Historic Preservation Council with the “Excellence in Historic Preservation” Award.

“I would like to thank your company for the excellent work and cooperation demonstrated…With the work accomplished by your firm, our hopes are that this unique recreation facility will remain open for others to visit and enjoy for generations to come.  Your cooperative effort working with the Forest Service for a timely completion – is very much appreciated…I sincerely appreciate your firm’s workmanship, cooperation, and dedication to providing a quality product.  ”

Larry Shepherd, Contracting Officer Representative
Idaho Panhandle National Fores


BLDG. 2027 Interior Renovation | Ft. Lewis, JBLM, Washington

This project involved the interior renovation of 3 spaces, approximately 4100 sq. ft. total, to create Secured Access Spaces housing post security network systems. Bldg. 2027 is a nationally recognized historic building and MACNAK Construction was careful to maintain the integrity of the building. Construction activities included, but were not limited to, demolition of interior walls and carpet, construction of grout filled CMU block demising walls, interior wood framed partition walls, associated electrical and mechanical work, painting, carpeting, and installation of secured door access locks, KABA 9000 12 key locks.

What was interesting? After the discovery of lead paint, MACNAK Construction stopped work and had the paint encapsulated and removed.

Republic Fire Cache Historic Building Reconstruction | Ferry County, Washington

The United States Forest Service contracted MACNAK Construction to restore and rehabilitate their 4,000 square foot historic fire cache building located in Colville, WA. Our scope of work consisted of partial demolition, new walls and ceiling construction, stairway and leveling of existing concrete slab, electrical including new service, lights, heat units, ventilation, outlets, fire alarm, telecom wring, fiber optic feed from existing office. Plumbing included new sewer line and manhole, fixtures and piping for two toilet/shower rooms and laundry facilities.

What was cool? MACNAK Construction worked to maintain the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) era building eligibility for historical status by matching/blending the new construction seamlessly with the old.

Warm Springs Guard Station Historic Rehabilitation | Warm Springs, Idaho

MACNAK Construction was solely responsible for the interior and exterior renovation to a historical cabin in the Boise National Forest. The work involved but was not limited to, multiple aspects of historic renovation including demolition and replacement of interior wall and ceiling surfaces, subfloor and wood floor surfaces, resurfacing kitchen cabinets, replacing countertops, chimney / hearth reconstruction and exterior lead based paint abatement and encapsulation.

What was cool? MACNAK Construction received the Excellence in Historic Preservation Award from Idaho Historic Preservation Council for the rehabilitation work executed at the Warm Springs Guard Station.