Roads | Bridges | Heavy Civil

MACNAK Construction has a track record of success in regards to road development, redevelopment, maintenance, bridge construction and heavy civil work. MACNAK Construction has completed over 45 bridges, roads and heavy civil projects since 2009. We have executed work in remote locations requiring helicopter delivery of materials and supplies, and have performed in-water work installing water treatment plants. Regardless of the difficulty, remote access or complex design; MACNAK Construction has met and overcame all challenges it was faced with through proper planning and organization.

Hot Creek Bridge: Removed and replaced 2 existing bridges and built 3 new bridges. Helicopters were used to transport all materials to job site and to set new bridges. This project was located in a remote area which demanded hiking and dirt bikes for access.

Elwha River Temporary Diversion Pumping Facility Phase I & II | Port Angeles, Washington

The Elwha River Temporary Diversion Pumping Facility involved the structural and mechanical modification and upgrade of a water facility that was being impacted by the removal of two upstream dams. Over 500 million yards of sediment had impacted and damaged pumps at the fresh water treatment facility.

Phase I, Design-Build, consisted of six 60-inch diameter vertically mounted drum screens and associated controls and hydraulic pumps and cables at the existing diversion pumping station at Elwha Water Facilities. Phase II consisted of was a very fast track project that included dredging the Elwha River, modifying and replacing the existing pick up screens, and installing five (5), 24 inch lines and a new pumping station.

What was cool? MACNAK Construction diligently coordinated with the Government for utility shutdowns to keep the city with both water and electric.

Road Repairs at Pacific Highway and Sumas LPOEs | Blaine and Sumas, Washington

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Northwest/Arctic Region 10 had requirements for repair of roadways at two of its border stations. Some of the driving lanes are severely deteriorated and needed repairs.

In Blaine, MACNAK Construction removed and replaced asphalt pavement, approximately 700 linear feet, and a catch basin. In Sumas we installed an asphalt overlay in the three POV in-bound lanes, approximately 5,400 square feet. We also replaced the asphalt paving in the bus lane, approximately 1,500 square feet.

What was cool? MACNAK Construction mobilized and finished the first phase of the project three weeks after award.

Staircase Rapids Footbridge | Lake Cushman, Washington

The Staircase Rapids Footbridge is estimated to be 210 feet in length and based on a tower design.  This bridge features a three-foot-wide deck, raised on the towers approximately five (5) feet above the adjoining trail, built-up approaches to the raised deck, side rails tensioned with wire rope, and an easy maintenance plan that allows for removal and replacement of decking without the need for special equipment or hanging from under the structure. MACNAK Construction was responsible for providing all material, labor and effort necessary to fabricate, deliver, and erect the bridge.

What was cool? MACNAK Construction used a helicopter to delivery supplies, materials and tools to the remote location.

Point Fosdick Sidewalk Improvement | Gig Harbor, Washington

This project included clearing and grubbing, grading as necessary for bio retention swale, placement of porous pavement sidewalk and associated sub base materials, and seeding.

What was cool? MACNAK Construction helped a city enhance the mobility of pedestrians and motorists as well as the environment.

Replace Failed Asphalt | JBLM, Washington

MACNAK Construction worked with the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Earthworks operations crews to minimize impact to the operation of the facility while performing demolition and removal of the existing base and subgrade 24” below the existing pavement. MACNAK Construction then provided and installed new base materials and asphalt to match the existing site flow patterns and not allow the pooling of water.

What was cool? MACNAK Construction was able to develop a solution and a finished product when previous attempts had failed.

Emerald Trail Bridges | Roseburg District, Oregon

MACNAK Construction was selected to prepare a heavily wooded area for new pre-manufactured steel bridge superstructure on a reinforced concrete and rock gabion substructure. The work included selective clearing and grubbing, select demolition and decommissioning of site elements, and select falling and placement of trees.

What was cool? MACNAK Construction collaborating with the forest service to ensure the surrounding habitat, sensitive landscape and plant species were protected.

Overhaul Lift Station | JBLM, Washington

MACNAK Construction supplied and installed a new lift station including new control panels and all additional equipment for the fully functioning facility.

What was cool? MACNAK Construction had to sample, analyze, and remove soils that contained lead and heavy metals.