Federal Contract History

MACNAK Construction started in 2007 as a Concrete, framing/rough carpentry and light civil subcontractor executing residential and light commercial construction projects as a subcontractor in Central and Eastern Washington. We landed our first Federal construction projects as a subcontractor at Fairchild AFB executing several projects in 2008 and 2009.  During that same time, we began to execute work as a prime contractor in charge of all construction – predominately for the Department of Agriculture and private development companies doing private and state commercial construction projects. 

Between 2009-2012, MACNAK Construction expanded operations as a General Contractor executing projects across the west coast and as far east as Colorado and South Dakota.  MACNAK Construction developed a niche as a Design-Build General Contractor refining our processes to allow us to self-perform work. We constructed Solar/Green roof projects, new bridges & roads and renovated historical buildings. In the first 5 years, MACNAK Construction executed over 200 Federal contracts with a significant number of Design-Build contracts for NAVFAC SW and the Department of Interior. 

In 2012, MACNAK Construction landed our first multi-year, multi-state contract after having proven ourselves in the federal arena and executing contracts simultaneously across the West coast and throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Since 2012, MACNAK Construction has been award 10 Multi-year multi state contracts executing work throughout the west coast and Hawaii.  We hold 2 IDIQ’s, 1 SATOC, 1 JOC, 3 MACC’s and 3 MATOC’s. Our clients include:

•              Naval Facilities Engineering Command

•              US Army Corps of Engineers

•              US Air Force

•              US Navy

•              General Services Administration (GSA)

•              Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

•              Dept. of Homeland Security

•              Dept. of Justice

•              Dept. of Interior

•              Dept. of Corrections

•              US Forest Service

•              US Fish & Wildlife

•              Bureau of Reclamation

•              National Parks Service

In 2016, MACNAK Construction established a branch office in Amargosa Valley, Nevada. This new office is an approved bona fide office with the Small Business Administration (SBA). The Nevada Office expanded our opportunities and capabilities in the southwest.

In our 10-year development, MACNAK Construction has entered into a number of joint ventures with well known, established, successful businesses as a “mentor/protégé” type arrangement or joint ventures to “learn from the best”. Working with established companies well versed in Government contracting has significantly reduced our learning curve as well as helped mitigate mistakes other companies make. With each new business relationship, project, and location MACNAK Construction’s resources and knowledge expands. MACNAK Construction is able to take on larger and more difficult construction projects because of this.

To date, MACNAK Construction has completed over 500 Federal contracts, as well as 45 Design-Build projects ranging from $15k to 33M. We have air lifted materials to remote locations, executed in-water work, renovated historical buildings, built Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) and repaired utilities. As the majority of our contracts are IDIQ in style, MACNAK Construction has worked simultaneously in multiple areas including Nevada, California, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, New Mexico, Kentucky, and New York.

MACNAK Construction is proud to be a 100% debt free company owning 100% of it’s equipment, buildings and land assets/offices.  Regardless of whether you are analyzing finances, contract execution or reputation, MACNAK Construction is a stellar performer who can be counted on to perform and excel on any project or contract.